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Really, JKR?

So I suddenly regained interest in Harry Potter, and then I found out about this:

Isn't it hilarious? Rowling once said Harry/Hermione fans were delusional. Now even she can see that the epilogue kind of sucks. JKR, you sure know how to make both sides of a ship war mad at you.

Maybe the first link is blowing things a little out of proportion, but imagine if this was fanfiction, not canon. Imagine a person saying a certain pairing would probably work out but only if the characters got counselling and changed some of their core personality traits. We wouldn't qualify that person as a shipper of the pairing in question. Under that reasoning, Rowling doesn't ship Ron/Hermione. And really, who does? Can anyone who understands the characters and wants them to be happy really want them to be together?

Missed so much potential for something deeper there. Sure there is no sexual tension between Harry and Hermione, but the main theme of the books is love, not sex. And the love between Harry and Hermione is so deep and beautiful even someone as cynical as yours truly (come on, you know what sort of things I ship) is kind of touched by it.

I've never really been a fan of Harry/Hermione as a pairing in fanfic because it's too boring for my (admittedly weird and extreme) tastes unless you change Harry's character (and I've never seen it written quite right), but it makes loads more sense than Ron/Hermione and it could have made for a more powerful story. What a sad waste.
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