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Fic Rec: Ouroboros by bellonablack (Luna/Voldemort, R)

Ouroboros by bellonablack
Summary: Voldemort has taken Luna Lovegood prisoner, but gets a bit more than he bargained for. Luna/Voldemort, R, (rather long) oneshot

Cryptic, mystifying, captivating ... these are the words that come to mind when I try to describe this story. It's the second fic I've ever read with this pairing, and while I don't particularly care for the ship or the main characters, I found that I couldn't stop reading.

Ouroboros is rich in dialogue, and it's dialogue like I've rarely seen. The conversations between Luna and Voldemort are this story's highlight; they're full of thought-provoking riddles that kept me on my toes throughout the story. Philosophical and moral debate is worded in a format light enough that it requires little thought to follow, and it's always dialogue where things are hinted at but never stated, and where Luna and Voldemort find enough insanity in each other to reach a level of mutual understanding that they retain even when they are arguing – from viewpoints that couldn't be more irreconcilable – about how wizards should treat Muggles.

I find that Luna Lovegood is an extremely difficult character to write. I've discovered, somewhere along my way as a fanfic author, that to write a character plausibly, be they hero or villain, lead or secondary character, you need to understand them first. This is especially true for POV characters, and that's why I've never tried to write Luna. Since I find her extremely difficult to understand, I feel that I wouldn't be able to do her justice with my portrayal of her. But bellonablack does it skilfully. And while reading this fic, you start to wonder whether Luna should have been Sorted into Gryffindor, but amazingly, at the same time, you see exactly why she belongs in Ravenclaw.
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