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Musings about our favourite characters

Harry is my favourite character in the books, but in all my fics except two short oneshots, he is a minor character or is not mentioned at all. I’m not sure why.

Is it because he's the protagonist in the books and I, as a fanfic author, want to focus on the lives and POVs of other characters who are less explored in the books? Or maybe because it's harder to write a character you personally like/identify with.

My second favourite character is Narcissa, closely followed by Bellatrix. But if you read my fics, you would never guess this. In fact, from what happens to Narcissa in my stories, you would think I absolutely hate her. Here's her fate in the fics I’ve written and those I have a detailed outline for but haven’t started posting.

Warning: spoilers ahead. If that bothers you, skip the bulleted list under the cut.
  • Poisoned (His Mistress)
  • Killed by Voldemort (Tyrannically Yours)
  • Killed by Aurors (Captive in Love)
  • Not mentioned (Misfortune)
  • Forcefully exiled to France (unnamed planned fic)
  • Killed by Harry (planned fic: The Interrogator's Kiss)
  • Killed by Voldemort (planned fic: The Alliance)
  • Locked in Azkaban (unnamed planned fic)

As you can see, her future is quite bleak under my pen (in the rest of my stories, she isn’t even mentioned). Again, I’m asking myself why. Maybe it’s because I favour the sort of plot and pairing where I have to get her out of the way, but the point is, I really like her as a character, but I have no qualms about making her suffer and/or die in my stories.

I write mainly Hermione-centric fics, though I have always found Hermione rather annoying in the books. But she is easier to write, and not being a character I particularly like, I can write her from a neutral standpoint without getting emotionally involved. In my judgement, stories where the author relates too much to a character have a tendency to stray toward badfic and Mary Sue-ism. Of course, there are exceptions to this – for example, I’ve read great Harry fics written by authors who claim they see themselves in him more than in any other HP character. But in general, I have the impression that you need to be able to curb your character-directed empathy to write a story that most people will find readable interesting.

So, what happens to your favourite characters in your fics?
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